Newport Marathon and Half Marathon

Location: Newport, Oregon, USA
Date: Saturday, June 3, 2017


Number of finishers (Avg past 2 years): 763

gain, net: -74
lowest: 2
highest: 104
average: 30

Half Marathon

Number of finishers (2015 results): 227

Race Reports for Newport Marathon

Newport Marathon 2017 - Jun 5, 2017

June 3rd marked my fifth year of running Newport Marathon. This was Newport's 19th year! It was also my 11th marathon to date! This was going to be a great race for me! I had a good training plan and was going strong. I had lots of great people to train with. Newport is also my favorite marathon course to race at.

Newport Marathon 2015 Review and Personal Blog - Jun 1, 2015

Newport Marathon 2015 was my 8th marathon, 4th time running Newport! 2015 was Newport's 17th annual Marathon. It was held on Saturday May 30th on Oregon's beautiful central coast. They offered a half marathon and a full marathon, both selling out well before May 30th. I had five friends who were planning on running either the half or full who waited too long and were greatly disappointed. This is one you need to register early to ensure your spot.

Race Report: Newport Marathon 2015 - Jun 1, 2015

Overall, the Newport Marathon was a great race to run and I'm glad I chose it. Organization, course, and metal were all well done. The shirt could have been a little better (the 2014 shirt looked nice). I would gladly do it again, although I'd prefer to make it into a 4-5 day trip rather than a 39 hour whirlwind.

Refreshing. A Newport Marathon 2014 Race Recap - Jun 5, 2014

That said, I knew early on, like, weeks before race day, that long-term, my heart and mind would remember and value my straight-up Newport race less so than it would the rare, uninterrupted, and unadulterated quality time with some close friends; the race was a part of it, no doubt, but it wasn't the end-all, be-all of my time in OR. It's a difference in value and judgement, and this time around, I far, far, faaaaaaaar more valued the Newport experience than I did the Newport race, the process more so than the product.

Other Marathons in Oregon

DateMarathonCitySize (finishers)Net Elevation Change
Jul 5, 2015, SunStars and Stripes MarathonBeavertonM: 19 HM: 36
Sep 6, 2015, SunSunriver MarathonSunriverM: 110 HM: 330
Oct 3, 2015, SatColumbia River Power MarathonUmatilla HM: 35
May 22, 2016, SunGrapes of HalfEugene HM: 9
Jun 11, 2016, SatTimberline MarathonGovernment CampM: 65 HM: 281
Jun 18, 2016, SatThe Dam MarathonOakridgeM: 46 HM: 83M: -400
Jun 25, 2016, SatPacific Crest MarathonSunriver
Jul 4, 2016, MonFoot Traffic Foot Traffic Flat MarathonPortlandM: 356 HM: 1534
Aug 6, 2016, SatHaulin' Aspen Trail MarathonBendM: 108M: -96 HM: -91
Aug 13, 2016, SatCrater Lake MarathonKlamath FallsM: 89 HM: 167
Sep 13, 2016, TueOregon MarathonMt Angel
Sep 13, 2016, TueHagg Hybrid MarathonGastonM: 31
Sep 14, 2016, WedBoring MarathonBoring HM: 62
Sep 18, 2016, SunRogue Run MarathonMedfordM: 139 HM: 395
Oct 9, 2016, SunPortland MarathonPortland
Oct 23, 2016, SunColumbia Gorge MarathonHood RiverM: 253 HM: 909M: -261 HM: 0
Nov 5, 2016, SatSilver Falls Trail RunsSilvertonM: 130 HM: 818M: 0 HM: 0
Apr 9, 2017, SunVernonia MarathonVernoniaM: 147 HM: 454
May 7, 2017, SunEugene MarathonEugeneM: 1477 HM: 2182
May 13, 2017, SatPacific Northwest MarathonEugeneM: 118M: 0

Other Marathons in Within ~1 Week of Newport Marathon

DateMarathonCitySize (finishers)Net Elevation Change
May 28, 2017, SunMountains 2 Beach MarathonOjai, CaliforniaM: 1600M: -740
May 28, 2017, SunScotiabank Calgary MarathonCalgary, AlbertaM: 883 HM: 3304
May 29, 2017, MonOh, boy MarathonWaterbury, ConnecticutM: 22 HM: 5
This race IS a Boston Marathon Qualifier
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