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121st Boston Marathon (2017) – Race Report for the Boston Marathon

Boston was my 17th marathon. It was unlike anything else I’ve done. The energy and excitement was amazing. The organization was superb. I’ve never been in a corral with ~1000 other runners that are my same speed and fitness. I’ve never seen crowds that line a course for miles. I’ve never run next to blind runners, runners missing limbs, runners pushing disabled people, and wheelchair athletes all in the same race. Boston was a unique, memorable, and remarkable experience. How could I not want to do it again?
by Blake Taylor, Apr 26, 2017

Race Report: 2016 Layton Marathon (1st Place!) for the Layton Marathon

Overall it was a great experience. I was satisfied with my time and especially my place. Despite being a small marathon, there were no significant issues: the bus left on time, the aid stations were well stocked, and they gave awards to all age groups. The course terrain was fast and the scenery was pretty good. I would happily run it again.
by Blake Taylor, Oct 10, 2016

Race Review: Morgan Valley Marathon for the Morgan Valley Marathon

A shooting star, a skunk, some angry dogs, a beautiful sunrise, verdant farms, goats, little rolling hills, magnificent mountains in every direction, great organization: these were some of the things that made the Morgan Valley Marathon a memorable event that I would happily do again.
by Blake Taylor, Aug 1, 2016

Race Report: Famous Idaho Potato Marathon 2016 - PR and BQ! for the Famous Idaho Potato Marathon

The Famous Idaho Potato Marathon takes place in Boise, ID, which is right next to my home town. I wasn’t very excited to run it because I’m familiar with the course (it’s a common running path in the Boise area) and it wasn’t a “destination race”. In hindsight, I’m quite impressed with the organization and I had a great experience.
by Blake Taylor, May 21, 2016

39th Annual Race to Robie Creek (2016) - Race Report for the Race to Robie Creek

The Race to Robie Creek is to Boise what the Boston Marathon is to Boston. It’s big (by Boise standards), it’s fun, it’s competitive, and it seems that most of the town knows it’s going on. This year’s Race to Robie Creek brought out some fast runners and, as usual, the weather cooperated nicely on race day. I approached my 7th consecutive Race to Robie Creek with a goal I set several months ago, and I was able to meet my goal almost exactly. In fact, I beat it by 7 seconds!
by Blake Taylor, Apr 18, 2016

2015 Zeitgeist Half Marathon for the Zeitgeist Half Marathon

I love running the Zeitgeist Half Marathon. It’s always well organized. The course is decent and definitely challenging. The Race to Robie Creek gets a lot more press, but Zeitgeist has it’s own place as a race in the Treasure Valley.
by Blake, Nov 8, 2015

Race Report: Mt. Nebo Marathon for the Mt. Nebo Marathon

Overall, the Mt. Nebo Marathon was a great experience. There were some small hiccups with the organization, but nothing that really bothered me or would keep me away from going back again. I loved the course — for its amazing scenery and its unique elevation profile. And I was overjoyed to finally qualify for Boston. Of course, now I just have to wait to see if I actually make the Boston cutoff…
by Blake Taylor, Sep 8, 2015

Race Report: Idaho Falls Half Marathon for the Idaho Falls MAD Marathon

Overall I was happy with my performance, but very disappointed with the lack of organization. The course wasn’t great. I enjoyed the hills, but once in the city it wasn’t very spectacular, especially as we had to navigate traffic by ourselves. I don’t see myself doing the Idaho Falls Half Marathon again and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you have no other options.
by Blake Taylor, Jul 27, 2015

Hoover Dam Marathon, My Worst Marathon Experience Ever for the Hoover Dam Marathon

It was a bad enough experience that it took me four years before I braved another marathon. Looking back on it, several things went wrong, most of them due to ignorance and ill preparation on my part. It taught me that I couldn’t just show up and run like I did in my first two marathons a year out of high school. It was a failure for me by most measures. Not so much because the time was worse than my expectations, but because I completely fell apart so early in the race and had to walk so much. While the failure wasn’t pleasant, it has been something I can look back on and strive to prevent it from happening again. Plus, I was able to finish, which made for six completed marathons.
by Blake, Jun 8, 2015

Race Report: Newport Marathon 2015 for the Newport Marathon

Overall, the Newport Marathon was a great race to run and I'm glad I chose it. Organization, course, and metal were all well done. The shirt could have been a little better (the 2014 shirt looked nice). I would gladly do it again, although I'd prefer to make it into a 4-5 day trip rather than a 39 hour whirlwind.
by Blake Taylor, Jun 1, 2015

Race Report: 38th Annual Race to Robie Creek (2015) for the Race to Robie Creek

This was my sixth consecutive year running the Race to Robie Creek. I was very excited coming into this race. Last fall I injured a tendon in my foot, and I wasn’t able to train for a couple months. By January I was fully recovered and had three and a half solid months of training going into Robie. Besides that, I really liked this year’s theme: Gora! The Running of the Toads. I was looking forward to a great race.
by Blake, Apr 20, 2015

Race Report: Zeitgeist Half Marathon (2014) for the Zeitgeist Half Marathon

The Zeitgeist Half Marathon is a solid event for the Boise area. While it’s not nearly as prestigious as the Race to Robie Creek, it still boasts 600-1000 participants and is one of the largest races around Boise. Taking place on the first Saturday of November, it’s usually pretty cold and windy for the race, but this year it was around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. A couple years ago there was snow on the shoulder of the road during the race.
by Blake, Nov 3, 2014

Race Report: Utah Valley Marathon (2014) for the Utah Valley Marathon

Marathons can be great learning experiences, and the Utah Valley Marathon certainly taught me some lessons. Coming off two marathon PR’s I was over-confident. That may have contributed to an injury and certainly contributed to a huge bonk on race day. On the other hand, sometimes it’s interesting to experiment. Many people never test themselves and therefore never improve. I learned about pacing and that it really matters. I learned that I wasn’t quite ready for Boston and I had more work to do. Despite the misery of the last few miles, I’m excited for another challenge and I look forward to a better time another day.
by Blake Taylor, Jun 20, 2014

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