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by Stephen Johnson

Race Reports

Race Report: The Heart of America Marathon for the Heart of America Marathon

On Labor Day this past September I ran the Heart of America Marathon in Columbia, Missouri. This a smaller race with only 142 runners who finished this year. The race was well supported for its size.
by Stephen Johnson, Oct 7, 2016

The Highest Road Marathon on Planet Earth for the Madison Marathon

Since the inaugural race in 2008, the Madison Marathon has continued to grow and host runners from 40 states and several countries. They have a 200 runner capacity due to US Forest Service policy which regulates the number of runners on public land because of the pristine ecosystem on the Gravelly Range in the Beaverhead- Dearlodge National Forest.
by Angie Spencer, Aug 21, 2016

The Big Sky Half Marathon for the Big Sky Marathon

The Big Sky Marathon is billed as the “Second Longest Downhill Road Marathon on Planet Earth”. I’m not sure how they certify that. It covers part of the Madison Marathon which takes place the previous day. The bus takes you up to about 8,600 feet and then you run down to the town of Ennis, Montana. There is a net elevation drop of 3,651 feet!
by Trevor Spencer, Aug 21, 2016

Race Recap: The Fargo Marathon -Where Fun Times Are Had By All! for the The Fargo Marathon

The course was really nice, flat and scenic with trees and flowers in bloom. It was well marked with volunteers or police at every intersection or turn. It went by ND State University, through some beautiful residential areas, through Lynnwood Park, crossed the Red River into Moorhead, MN and went by Moorhead State University, Concordia College and back through downtown Fargo and more residential areas. Fortunately much of the course was shaded because the weather started in the low 60’s and sunny and got to nearly 80 degrees by noon.
by Angie Spencer, May 31, 2016

Race Review: The Illinois Marathon for the Illinois Marathon

April showers meant soggy runners. But the amazing crowd support, fast course and post-race goodies more than made up for it.
by Henry Howard, May 17, 2016

Race Recap: The New Jersey Marathon (Running in Relentless Rain!) for the New Jersey Marathon

I just ran my 44th marathon and collected my 35th state in my 50 state goal. The New Jersey coast is beautiful, unfortunately it rained the entire 26.2 miles and I was underdressed (I was trying to be minimalistic in my packing). I have never been so cold during a race! Other than that, it was a great marathon.
by Angie Spencer, May 13, 2016

Race Recap: The New South Trail Marathon for the New South Trail Marathon

After 42 marathons and ultras I’ve gotten to the point where finishing a marathon is not in doubt. Dare I say that I’ve gotten a bit overconfident about marathons because they’ve become fairly easy for me if I’m not trying to set a PR. The New South Trail Marathon was a good lesson in respecting the distance and the course for me.
by Angie Spencer, Apr 7, 2016

Race Review: Tobacco Road Marathon for the Allscripts Tobacco Road Marathon

The well-organized race is great value to runners — nice tech shirt, strong communication, PR bell to ring and a great post-race party.
by Henry Howard, Mar 30, 2016

Race Recap: The Lost Dutchman Marathon for the Lost Dutchman Marathon

They gave out a really nice medal, long sleeve race shirt and had good post-race food (chocolate milk, chips, turkey/cheese wraps, yogurt, oranges, and bananas). I sat for a while and ate before getting on the race shuttle to head to the car and drive to Phoenix. Even though the heat and hills got to me I really enjoyed my experience at the Lost Dutchman Marathon and would recommend this event.
by Angie Spencer, Feb 21, 2016

Race Recap: The Jacksonville Bank Marathon (How to Run a Last Minute Race) for the Jacksonville Bank Marathon

This race is billed as the “fastest marathon course in the south” and rated the Top 10 Fastest by Runner’s World. It has a 6 hour time limit for the full; 3 hour for the half and also featured a 5k. I was able to travel to Jacksonville, FL to visit a friend for a few days during the holiday and by chance found this marathon to do while I was there (because doesn’t everyone search for races at their trip destinations). I registered for the race about one week out and it was still a reasonable $80. I love a good bargain!
by Angie Spencer, Jan 21, 2016

Race Recap: The 2015 Marine Corps Marathon (40 Year Anniversary) for the Marine Corps Marathon

This year was the 40th Anniversary of the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, D.C.. In this race recap we give the history of this amazing marathon and talk with a retired Marine colonel who has ran it every year since its inception.
by Angie Spencer, Nov 25, 2015

Race Recap: The Des Moines Marathon for the Des Moines Marathon

This was the 31st state for me in my 50 state marathon goal. The race offers multiple events over two days, friendly volunteers, a well-supported course, and AWESOME post race food.
by Angie Spencer, Oct 31, 2015

Race Recap: Angie Runs Her First 50 Miler! for the North Face Endurace Challenge Madison

I started to hurt in my upper hamstrings and hip flexors by mile 25 and got a little mentally discouraged with half of the distance still to go. Soon after, I met a lady named Shirley who was running her first 50 miler for her 50th birthday—she was a real boost and told me about the wonders of Mountain Dew for energy. By mile 40 I was still hurting but not worse than earlier which was encouraging. I walked hills and ran the flats and downhills—but as time went on what I classified as a hill was very broad. I re-met up with Shirley around mile 45 and we ran the final way together and finished strong in 10:05:07 (I was 19th of 57 women).
by Angie Spencer, Oct 11, 2015

Review: North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon for the North Face Endurace Challenge Madison

Beautiful scenery, hilly trails and scrumptious aid station food await those willing to try a challenging course in race distances from 50 miles to 5K
by Henry Howard, Oct 8, 2015

Review: Erie Marathon at Presque Isle for the Erie Marathon

Looking for a BQ or PR? This flat and fast course will fit the bill, while the cost is affordable especially given the swag and post-race food.
by Henry Howard, Sep 22, 2015